Christmas Club Account

  1. The Christmas Savings Account is only available to existing Pioneer Mutual Credit Union members and may be opened by contacting the office by telephone or by completing a Christmas Savings Club Application Form.
  2. A minimum balance of £6 must be maintained in the Christmas Savings Account for the account to remain open.
  3. Savings can be paid into the Christmas Savings account throughout any given calendar year.
  4. From 1st November until 25th December members can access these funds.
  5. Notice of withdrawal can be made by telephone or in branch.
  6. Lump sum deposits may be made at any time into the Christmas Savings Account subject to any applicable limits.
  7. Lump sum payments can be made by bank transfer, debit card, cheque or postal order made payable to the credit union.
  8. A member’s collective savings balance is not permitted to exceed the FSCS limits in operation at the time.
  9. No interest is paid on Christmas Club Accounts.
  10. Any request to close the account must be made in writing.