Community Accounts

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union

It’s not just people who can access the ethical and fair finance of Pioneer Mutual, our Community Accounts are the perfect bunking solution for small charities, social enterprises and unincorporated groups e.g walking groups, toddler groups and youth clubs.

Not only is your money safe, but your funds will be used to help the community through our low cost loans.

Our process is simple, and we don’t require your signatories or your board to be credit checked.  

Become part of our community today. 

Document Requirements

Confirming and verifying identification of individuals

In common with other financial institutions we require validation and identification of all signatories to the account. Individuals representing organisations will be required to produce identification documents giving proof of name, date of birth and address in accordance with the credit union’s normal identification requirements for individual members. In addition we will require details of all shareholders, directors or beneficial owners holding more than 25% of shares in the organisation who are NOT signatories. 

To assist in identification and verification and to prevent fraud and money laundering we may use your information to search the Electoral Register and in searches with fraud prevention agencies. The agencies used would retain your information for 12 months regardless of whether this application is successful or not.

By completing this form you are deemed to agree to any additional verification procedures.

All signatories will be required to provide ID in line with our member application process.