Want to become a Payroll Partner?

Here’s how you do it.

Our Pioneer Mutual Credit Union Payroll Scheme is a great benefit for your staff, and it is tailored to your organisation. We are also happy to set it up and manage it all free of charge.

“25% of workers have lost sleep over financial difficulties.”

(Money and Mental Health Policy Institute)

Our Payroll Savings Scheme can help to alleviate any money worries by letting your employees save for a rainy day. Having financial problems can be stressful and it affects our day to day lives. Our Payroll Savings Scheme means that your employees will avoid the stress of not having a financial safety net and allow them to enjoy both their work and personal lives. In turn, you can expect a happier, productive workforce.

    Read more about our Payroll Savings Scheme by downloading our full pack here. 

    To become one of our Partners, get in touch with us.


    Why become a Payroll Partner?

    As part of our Payroll Savings Scheme, we will offer your employees free budgeting advice and access to our wide range of our financial services. By signing your organisation up to be a Payroll Partner, you will also be enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

    Are you eligible?

    If your organisation is based within the G, PA or ML postcode, you are eligible to join our Pioneer Payroll Savings Scheme; but don’t worry if you’re not as depending on your location we can add an organisation to our common bond to ensure your staff can access our services.


      Like everything we do our Payroll Savings Scheme is both simple and sensible. Take a look at our Payroll FAQs.

      Check the FAQs here.