Work with us


A rewarding experience


Pioneer Mutual Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial services co-operative owned and controlled by its members. We employ six staff members, but are always looking for volunteers to assist us.

Anyone wishing to volunteer should ideally have the following skill base:

  • Excellent people skills
  • A Basic knowledge of accounts
  • Some knowledge of credit unions and how they operate

Anyone who does not possess any of the above will be fully trained by the credit union. Your may be surprised by the fact that your life experience may make you an ideal volunteer with the credit union.

Volunteering isn't just about working behind the counter, if you have a skill set that you think can help, we would love to welcome you onboard, whether that be photography to painting.

People Skills

People wishing to volunteer with the credit union should have an ability to communicate in an informative and friendly way the services and benefits of a credit union. This may entail:

  • Talking to members who come from all backgrounds
  • Making people feel at ease when they use the services of the credit union
  • The ability to contribute to the management and operational team of the credit union
  • Working with others as part of a team

Basic knowledge of accounts

Whilst good accounting skills are desirable, they are not a prerequisite. Many people, after having become involved with the credit union, have learned new skills and have gone on to successfully seek employment.

Suitable training is available within the credit union to enhance the knowledge that you may already utilise on a day-to-day basis (i.e. working within a household budget). Lack of formal skills should not dissuade you from offering your time to help the Credit Union.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering with Pioneer Mutual Credit Union will prove to be a rewarding experience and can enhance life skills.

For further information or if you are interested in volunteering with ourselves please get in touch via the contact us page.