About Pioneer

Finance for Everyone

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union is a not-for-profit run to benefit its members; providing low cost financial services to those who live or work in a G, PA or ML postcode.

Members can save and borrow money at low rates of interest charged in a transparent, understandable manner. 

Forward Thinking Finance

Forward Thinking Finance is at the heart of all Pioneer Mutual Credit Unions services, ensuring we provide affordable finance for everyone. Founded in 1993 Pioneer Mutual Credit Union, formerly East Renfrewshire Credit Union, has continued to grow from strength to strength, establishing ourselves as a vital service to local communities; which has built our reputation for providing quality, accessible, low cost financial services.

The Credit Union Difference 

Our loan interest is calculated on a reducing balance so you are charged interest on what you owe and not what you borrow, and that’s part of the credit union difference. Pioneer Mutual also offer flexible terms so you can extend or reduce the terms with no administration fees. If you are struggling to make your payments or your circumstances have changed please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything within our power to readjust your payments to suit your financial needs, it’s all part of our personal service and the credit union difference.

Joining Pioneer Mutual does not only mean you become co-owner of a financial co-operative but also gives you access to the all these great benefits:

  • Free Life Savings and Loan Protection (T & Cs apply)
  • Eligible to join Pioneer Mutual Lottery
  • Complimentary mortgage advice through Money Sense Matters
  • Access to low interest loans
  • Access to our flexible loan terms
  • Fees charged in an understandable and transparent manner
  • No hidden fees
  • Personal Service
  • Christmas Savings Club
  • Savings protected under FSCS

Credit unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members, offering flexible savings and loans as well as a range of other financial services. They differ from banks and other financial institutions in a number of significant ways as they operate as not-for-profit cooperatives run by volunteer board members, which allow credit unions to:

  • Provide loans at low rates of interest
  • Offer a wide range of quality financial products and services
  • Charge fewer service fees
  • Offer tailored financial solutions
  • Be ethically driven and not profit driven
  • Be easier to join

Credit unions offer an ethical way to bank with a range of products to suit your needs and savings invested with a credit union are used to provide affordable finance to members.

Credit unions, like other UK financial intuitions, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Our common bond grants 1.8 million residents access to our financial services and as a result means Pioneer Mutual now have one of the largest common bonds in Scotland.

Are you eligible?

To join Pioneer Mutual, you will need to be:

An individual who resides in or is employed in the postcode areas beginning G1-G90, PA1-PA98 and ML1-ML12.  If your connection is by employment within the postcode areas we will require proof by way of a payslip from your employer which contains your employer's address.

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union are proud to have signed the Women in Finance Charter: A pledge for gender balance across financial services and pledge to retain 50% of women in senior management positions, and our pleased to announce that we are currently meeting our target.